28 days of Flash — 27 of 28 Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash Iris woke up on a floor. Not the concrete of the train station nor the unpleasant vibrating metal and rubber of the train, but a real floor. Varnished wood planks were under her and a thick red rug was just out of reach. She … Continue reading Iris

No Boundaries

28 days of Flash — 24 of 28 — Part 1 — Boundaries Photo by Josep Castells on Unsplash Jayne sat in the front passenger seat of the RV and stewed. She couldn’t even look at Katie, right next to her, chomping on popcorn. Katie just kept pointing and reeling off names. “Look, there’s Gina the Prom Queen. Oh … Continue reading No Boundaries


28 days of Flash — 23 of 28 — Omniscient POV practice Photo by Fabian on Unsplash Katie turned her RV into the parking lot of the Stardust Convention Center an hour before the start of her 30th high school reunion. She parked in the back of the lot, out of the way but where she could see the … Continue reading Boundaries

Getting Evan

28 days of Flash — 21 of 28 — Part 3 Read: Breaking Ben and Thea Beginning Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash When Evan looked at his phone, it was still showing “Do Not Disturb” and had five notifications silenced in the background. Two of them were sales texts, one was a missed phone call from his erstwhile trainer Drew, … Continue reading Getting Evan