Being Kind Again

I woke up this morning to Early Today showing angry mobs of people protesting in the streets. “We reject the president elect” was their mantra and battle cry. And my heart broke a little more than it did yesterday when I saw things like “I’m quitting Facebook because I can’t deal with all these Trump supporters” and “What am I going to tell my kids” or “I’m leaving until this is over. See you in 2020.” Not everyone can get a trophy in a presidential election. Nor should they.

I very much feel that elections like this one we just experienced achieved the PRECISE GOAL that it was destined to do: for us to wake up, get our own hands dirty in American dirt and talk to each other – especially those with whom we don’t agree. Look at the people around you and learn why they feel and think what they do or you will never understand their story – what brought them to this piece of ground that holds them up and what experiences shaped their belief system.

We can go through and classify humanity down to the nth degree by visible characteristics, but if you back way up and look at the world from space – it’s one blue marble. One planet that we’ve either been lucky enough to land on or entrusted with, depending on your spiritual view. There is no packing up and moving the human race – it’s this planet or oblivion. I want all of us to show the people around us that this country is WORTH believing in no matter who has been elected. Everyone who feels that this country took a wrong turn in electing Donald Trump has a RIGHT to feel that way, but that doesn’t give you the right to call people names and question their intelligence. My Grandma Ruth had a Cherokee Prayer posted in the cafe that said “O Great Spirit – grant that I may not criticize my neighbor until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.” How many miles have you logged in a Trump supporters shoes? What did you learn when you did? How will your actions change how you are an American?