Consulting, Writing, and Editing

At my core, I’m a writer who just wants to bring as many people along in the story as possible. And with 20+ years in Corporate Communications and various iterations of training which culminated in my leading Communications for a Fortune 50 grocery retailer, I know a few things about how leaders can best connect with their teams through storytelling.

Corporate Services

Storytelling is a company’s connective tissue – whether it is intentional or not. When it is intentional, it is the intangible thing that makes people want to show up every day and do their best right alongside you. When it’s left to its own devices, it’s an unscripted reality show that can materialize as higher turnover, bad reviews on Glassdoor or Indeed, and low employee engagement, or the hero story in leadership columns and successful analyst calls. Your employees can work for anyone, and your customers have other choices – give them every reason to choose you. Build an intentional story they can be part of and they will help your business succeed.

What I can help companies do:

  • Employee Engagement Strategies
  • Executive Communications & Speechwriting
  • PR strategy planning
  • Corporate Website Content, blogs, and social media
  • Customer Response Strategies
  • Crisis Management
  • Build kickass teams and authentic connections

Writing & Editing

If you need a ghost writer to pull your thoughts together because you just don’t have the time, I can help. From memos to speeches and even books, I can work directly with you to bring your vision to life in print. I am also adept at redrafting your content into words that engage and excite your audience if your finished drafts aren’t hitting the notes you would like them to.