Enough now. Enough of the stops, don'ts, doubts, blank stares at empty pages. The Death card has turned up for ego - so small yet so loud - a sparrow's cry in a canyon echoing - an illusion of bigness. Peace doesn't live in illusion. Peace is where ink finds paper, and Voice forms the white spotlight … Continue reading Begin

That Fall Day

Sometimes, it just happens this way. Fall slams on the trees, the air chills, and I remember. I remember running, my feet pounding into the soft pavement, the smell of my new leather jacket, and catching up with her and running faster, faces streamed in fearful tears. The car, the lights, others, nothing moving fast … Continue reading That Fall Day


you're erased. not even the ghosted outline remains of your print on this space, and I feel like I should be standing on your grave instead of on the ashes of a life you left with so much ease… I've set fire to you twice now - and found no peace. Even watching the blue … Continue reading Bonfire