Writing & Editing Services

Need help with writing and editing? Contact me for a quote on your project for any of the below services.

TL/DR recap

  • Author Services: copyediting, line editing, proofreading, edit audio recordings, and manuscript critiques. $0.01 to $0.03 per word.
  • Entrepreneur Services: Website copy, rewrites, editing, and proofreading; online course critiques. Send me your URL for a project quote.
  • Working on a budget? Just let me know. Payment plans are available.
  • All projects have a $20.00 (USD) minimum.

Writing and Editing Services

Copyediting: Let’s check your content for grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues, and research key facts (if applicable) to bring a fresh, consistent focus throughout your work.

Line Editing: Get a detailed review of your copy or manuscript, focused on improving word choice, flow, and sentence structure while maintaining the integrity of your voice.

Proofreading: This is the finish line! You’ve had a developmental edit, copyedit, and line edit, and now it’s time to put the final polish on your work. I will go through your work word-by-word, looking for any errors that would make you gasp if you learned they made it to your published work.

Editing Audio Recordings: Every editor recommends reading your work aloud, but it’s still you reading your words, and your brain can still play tricks on you. I will provide you with an audio file of your manuscript so you can listen to your work. This recording is NOT for use as an audiobook, but rather as a tool in your editing toolbox. Send me a sample page of your work to discover if this is a good option for you.

Website Writing, Editing and Proofreading: Publish a simple website without the headache. We’ll meet to establish what you’re looking for, and I’ll write your content. We can review it together and live edit on the spot. Already have a site? I provide line editing, copyediting and proofreading specifically for your online presence.

Rewriting: Sometimes a writer will get negative feedback that the grammar, punctuation, and structure need work. Or perhaps a work has been translated using AI and the flow isn’t quite right for English language readers. I’ll revise your content using your current pages and retain your authentic voice in the process.

Manuscript Critiques

Beyond the writing and editing stage? Or curious if your story has legs? This critique provides you with an objective third party review of your work. Short stories, individual chapters, or manuscripts are all appropriate for critiques.

What you get

Inline questions, suggestions, and feedback on your work (Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or Google Doc) plus summary feedback within 14-28 days of submission. I’ll make correction suggestions for common grammar and punctuation issues as I find them (mostly because they bug me), but this is by no means a professional copyedit. You also get a 45-minute followup call to discuss any questions you may have.

Online Course Critiques

Pensive young woman in casual clothes with notebook standing near blue wall with bright online education sketch. Concept of knowledge, development and technology

You’ve written a course to sell on your website or through your blog, but will it reach students?

The availability of online courses has absolutely exploded, and there are a lot of new teachers out there who are content experts but not teachers. And yet their courses can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Effective classes combine content, the principles of how people learn, and the questions asked along with reviews, practice, and assessments. Hit the mark on those components, and you’ll build trust and potentially gain clients for life.

With an Online Course Critique, I will go through all of your content, provide clear and concise edits, proofread it for those grammar glitches, and give you detailed feedback on what was effective and what could use some additional time or information. After you’ve received your feedback, we’ll schedule a 45-minute live call to discuss the content and the small changes you can make to deliver the best content to your students.


The End typography - because the end is only the beginning when writing and editing is left.
The end is only the beginning.

Why is editing so expensive?

Editing can be expensive, but a quality editor cares as much about your book as you do. It’s an investment in making your final product better. Do your homework to find an editor that you believe is a good fit for your needs. Curious about standard rates? Check this out from the Editorial Freelancers Association:

Do I need an editor?

I worked for decades in communications at a large company, and everything our team produced needed editing. Everything I produce needs editing. It’s likely that nothing you’ve ever read for publication dodged an editor’s pen.

What kind of editor do I need?

I highly recommend reading Jane Friedman’s post, The Comprehensive Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Working with an Editor.

Can I edit my own work? I have (fill in the blank of the writing program) and it’s awesome.

The short answer is yes, you can self-edit your work, but I’m here to tell you, you’ll miss things. When you create something, your brain becomes a little blind to it. You anticipate and expect what’s coming, so it’s natural for your eyes to skip over things that other people will catch. You WANT an editor. Doing a thorough self-edit prior to that step is also great experience.

What do you know about editing?

I have a BA in English Literature from Idaho State University, and 30 years experience as a working writer and editor, most of which was for a Fortune 50 company. You can view my experience on LinkedIn here.

What do you know about teaching and instructional design?

I completed the secondary education program at Idaho State University in addition to my English Literature degree (I had to choose whether to get my Bachelor of Arts in English Lit or my Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, and I chose the BA). Following graduation, I decided to go the corporate route, and developed classes and taught adults in business settings for many years.