About Me

When I trotted off to college a long time ago, I thought I was going to be an English teacher for 40+ years. I figured I’d retire to a small, cozy cabin in the mountains to live out my days whilst pecking out short stories on a 1940’s era typewriter like some version of Grandma Moses, but with fewer “let’s become the defining pinnacle of an entire movement” aspirations.

My teacher hopes were dashed quickly upon entering the classroom of Juniors and Seniors in the spring semester. The entire volume of my patience wouldn’t have filled a thimble when I was 22, and as anyone with a brain knows, patience is the core of teaching.

So off to corporate I went – and it took 25 years before I looked back. I would scratch out a poem if it flew to me in the night, but I didn’t consider myself a writer until a fateful conversation with Lee Maynard led me into one of the most transformative friendships of my life.

I capped my 28-year career in Corporate Communications when I left Albertsons Companies in 2021. I led their internal and external communications efforts for five key years in the company’s evolution, and it was time to start a new adventure.

I set aside time for consulting, editing, and writing in addition to my creative endeavors. If you need help with your messaging on any front, please reach out!