Why I Write

I had a conversation once with Lee Maynard who, in the brief span of time that I was in his life before he passed, impressed a great deal of information on my soul. If you’re not familiar with who Lee is or his body of work, you can literally get his voice in your head by listening to an NPR interview he did regarding his semi-autobiographical work, Crum. Lee was trying to convince me to write. I was trying to convince Lee that I didn’t work that way.

Lee, of course, was right.

Have you read anything I’ve written?

I hate this question. When I get it in airports I respond with, “Are you a fan of open enrollment benefit plan information?” I do write it. I may have written it for your company, but as for published works, my essay “No Damn Funeral” was selected for Angel Bumps by Anne Bardsley. I also wrote untold numbers of press releases and web pages during my corporate career. If you’ve been a recipient of one of the many “can you rewrite this for me?” emails from one of my friends, you’ve gotten the ghost-writer-me. Most recently, I had two essays published in Found Voices on Medium.com that were a result of work in studying Method Writing with Carolyn Ziel — Pencils and Gratitude.

You probably haven’t read my work, truth be told, other than what’s right in front of you now. I’m learning the writing business after capping a successful 28-year career in corporate communications and education. I’m taking classes at The Writers Sanctuary, Gotham Writers Workshop, and The Manuscript Academy, and with Carolyn Ziel to study Method Writing, to name a few.